I chose the article, “Is this heaven? No it’s Iowa.” because I wanted to analyze something that was familiar to myself. Iowa is apart of me, so it was very easy for me to relate to what the author was writing about. Since Iowa is so familiar to me, it was not as difficult to grab the reader’s attention, using real life experiences. This paper has helped me improve my writing and has shown me more about myself and my writing.

The article focused on people from anywhere in the U.S. I wanted to narrow my focus to people from the Midwest. The author used photographs at the beginning of the article to grab her reader’s attention. I tried to use real-life events and the photographs from the article to grab my reader’s attention. Throughout the article I tried to create a visual for my readers by describing details from my life, Iowan scenery, and the photos from the article. Since I’m from the Midwest, I thought other people from the Midwest would be able to relate to my experiences and the author’s experiences.

This is my first college writing class, so I wanted to use this class to improve my writing. I think my biggest improvement so far has been not repeating words too much in my paper. In my peer review, my partner and I noticed that I was using the same word over and over again in the same paragraph. We discussed that I needed to add variety in my paper. Adding more variety in my analysis paper helped keep my reader’s attention after I grabbed it. To make sure I don’t keep repeating myself in papers, I need to reread my papers a couple of time out loud. Doing this will help catch any words that are repeating to much.

While writing this paper I have learned a lot. I learned that it is easier for me to catch mistakes by reading aloud my paper. This helps me to see grammatical errors, repeating words, and helps me to see how my paper flows. I also learned that it is easier for me to come up with ideas for my papers. There are always ways to improve your writing, but this is a good start for me and will help me in the future.


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